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Be wary of ...Who you're buying from

This is a medical device. Be careful who you buy from! Do you really want to buy from people who have NO medical or scientific training?
Our company is fully owned and operated by
Doctors of Physical Therapy. We know these units inside out, and we've treated over 60 000 women. Do you want to talk to one of Doctors? Just call 1-800-480-6962 . 

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Be wary of ...Internet giants!

We're horrified to see cheap counterfeits and low quality units being sold by those internet giants.
These are medical devices that tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Do you really want to use any device 'down-there'?
Our device is
approved by the FDA in the US and Health Canada.


Be wary of ... Adult pads and diapers

These should only be used as a last resort, or as a temporary tool while you try to fix your incontinence issues.
The longer you use them, and the longer you depend on them, the weaker your muscles will become. If you
don't use your pelvic and bladder muscles, you will lose your pelvic and bladder muscles.
Studies have estimated that people who get used to pads and diapers end up spending almost $1000 per year on them.

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Be wary of ... Vitamins and Natural Supplements

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that vitamins and natural supplements help with incontinence.
Incontinence is a result of weakness or altered tone of the pelvic and bladder muscles, and the solution is to fix the strength and tone of the pelvic and bladder muscles. It's really that simple!

Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEWS

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