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does Dr. Jane's Incontinence Treatment  Stimulator (ITS) work?

First off, you must understand that continence is controlled by muscles. In the case of stress incontinence, the pelvic floor muscles are lacking strength. For urge incontinence, the muscles surrounding the bladder have faulty tone. And in mixed incontinence, it's a combination of both.

Age, childbirth, high impact exercises and vaginal trauma will eventually lead to weakness and tone changes in the muscles that prevent incontinence.

The good news is that, like any other muscle, if you strengthen and tone them properly, they will start doing their job again. CLICK HERE FOR THE PROOF

Dr. Jane's Incontinence Treatment Stimulator will work these muscles for you, correctly and effortlessly.

FIRST: First, find a comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Perhaps use this time to read a book, listen to music, watch your favorite show or even just meditate calmly. Whatever you most enjoy.

SECOND: Carefully insert the small Vagi-Comfort adapter into your vagina. (for an external alternative, see the SHOP page)

THIRD: Turn on Dr. Jane's ITS and choose the specific program for stress, urge or mixed incontinence. Then increase the intensity until you feel your vaginal muscles contracting naturally. It should be comfortable, and with zero effort on your part. The ITS ensures that the right muscles optimally contract each and every time.

USE: Most sessions last 30min, and we recommend an almost daily use. You may notice a change after only a few weeks, but for most women we recommend a 3 month training program. Most women are able to totally stop at this point, while a small percentage may need to continue, on and off, with a twice weekly maintenance program

See the BE WARY OF page to find out what you should be careful about


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